Our Story

Serving Lacey and beyond since 1998

Memory Care at The Lodges Grows & Evolves

Memory Care at The Lodges is the only locally-owned memory care facility in the county. Our owner Craig LeVee believes that responsiveness and focus are key to delivering quality care and staying family-run has allowed Memory Care at The Lodges to support that focus. Staying local also has the added benefit of enhancing staff retention as our people feel like part of one big family. Many of our nurses and even aides have been with us many many years.

In the late 1990s a shift in health care saw the creation of assisted living communities to care for residents who needed more care then they could receive in their home, however they desired more independence than a nursing facility. Memory Care at The Lodges answered the demand for this new level of care by opening “The Lodges at Roo Lan”, one of Lacey’s first assisted living complexes. The first lodge, with a maximum population of 32 residents, opened in 1998, and a second “sister” lodge opened the following year. At the time, only one of the lodges was designated for Dementia care however after reassessing the needs of our community, in 2015 both lodges transitioned into operating 100% as Memory Care facilities, secure and locked to ensure all resident’s safety.

NOTE: As of February 1, 2020, Memory Care at the Lodges and the skilled nursing facility (RooLan) are now two separate organizations.

Craig LeVee: Owner

Mr. B. Craig LeVee, Administrator-Owner

About Our Owner

Mr. LeVee built the Lodges in 1997 to provide assisted living care in Lacey. Based on increased demand for Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, in 2016 the Lodges were converted to exclusively Memory Care living. The Lodge buildings are uniquely designed to provide dementia care. We provide secure, 24 hour licensed nursing care and our staff receive specialized training in caring for our dementia residents.

Mr. LeVee lives in the local community and he cared for his Father, Mother and Mother-in-Law at the Lodges! His experience of providing hospice care to his beloved wife at home is what enables him to understand and empathize with families and their loved ones that we care for in our Lodges.

How The Lodges Came to Be

Mr. LeVee began his career in long term care in 1975 as a licensed Administrator of a skilled nursing home. Ten years later, he purchased Roo Lan Health Care. Subsequently, in 1997 The Lodges at Roo Lan were built across the street from Roo Lan Health Care, offering Assisted Living. However, based on the growing need in the community and after feedback from family members and residents needing secure care, in 2016 Mr. LeVee converted The Lodges at Roo Lan to Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. The change to Memory Care was completed by the end of 2016. Late in 2019, Craig sold Roo Lan Health Care, the skilled nursing home and continued to operate The Lodges under it's new name, “Memory Care at The Lodges”.

What is Unique About "The Lodges" From the Owner’s Point of View

I like to make the point that buildings don't provide care - the staff do! However, the design of the building can do a lot to support the quality of care. When I designed The Lodges, I wanted a small intimate concept. Each Lodge has a maximum capacity of 30 residents. There are no long hallways or multiple floors. It's a lot like the old boarding houses, where people have a room to sleep in but spend most of their time in the main areas. The advantage is the staff can see the residents and the residents can see the staff. Each resident’s room has a complete bathroom with roll-in shower. The kitchen is open to the dining area so when you walk into the facility you can smell what's for dinner. This stimulates the resident's appetite so they eat more food!

One of our extra benefits is that we have licensed nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day. All our nursing aides have certification from the Washington Department of Licensing and we conduct training for our staff monthly to improve their skills and keep them current. Our staff have regular performance reviews to provide them with feedback and to set new performance goals.

As the owner and Administrator, I am on the premises every workday and often on the weekends. I live in the community and am always available. If it would be helpful, I can make available families who have had their loved ones cared for at The Lodges. The best recommendation I can provide is that I cared for my father, mother, and mother in law at The Lodges.

The Lodges' Story Continues

With almost 50 years’ experience in the Healthcare Industry, our owner Craig LeVee has never compromised or altered the principals that have made all the facilities he has owned great in the first place. Those values are still true --- the most dedicated & skilled employees give the best care and the well-being of our population and their families has been (and will always be) placed ahead of profit.