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Examining a community for health care at any level is daunting and involves asking a lot of questions, of which many are unique to you. A great deal of questions however, have been asked before. Below are answers to some common questions regarding care at Memory Care at The Lodges.

What is the length of time to “Spend Down” and what does it mean?

A “Spend Down” means that a memory care community will require the resident/resident’s POA to pay privately, using personal funds (savings, investments, retirement accounts, social security, veteran’s benefits etc.) for room, board and care costs. At Memory Care at The Lodges, our minimum spend down period is nine (9) months. After nine months of payments for room, board and care “out of pocket”, if the resident is eligible, they may petition the State of Washington (DSHS) for Medicaid funding. For more information & details,
please call our Marketing office at (360) 455-9159 or email:

Does Memory Care at The Lodges Accept New Residents on Medicaid?

Memory Care at The Lodges does have a certain number of memory care beds set aside for Medicaid clients. Availability is often limited, and Memory Care at The Lodges usually has a waitlist of several months for both male and female beds. Contact us to learn about bed availability.

Do Your Memory Care Buildings have Private Rooms?

Each of our memory care lodges have two private rooms for a total of four. Private rooms are not available to Medicaid clients who must be paired with a roommate. Availability is often limited so if you and your family member require private lodgings it is best to get on our waitlist as soon as possible.

Does Memory Care at The Lodges Accept Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance Plans as Payment?

Memory Care at The Lodges can work with a great many LTC-plans and insurance companies, however LTC-plans may or may not cover the total cost of your loved ones care on its own. We always have family members sit down with our Financial Services Team prior to admission and review finances to ensure you have a clear understanding of what your options are for funding your loved ones care.

Can Resident’s Smoke Marijuana?

At this time, Memory Care at The Lodges is a Marijuana-Free community and no Marijuana of any type is allowed on the campus.

Can We Take a Resident Out of Your Community on Trips?

Yes, Memory Care at The Lodges allows residents to be gone for up to 15-days and we will still hold their bed. Day trips can be made by just informing the nurse when you arrive that you are taking your loved one out for the day. Overnight trips need to be scheduled in advance, talk to the on-duty nurse about scheduling such a trip.

What is Your Pet Policy?

Memory Care at The Lodges allows domesticated pets to visit at any time once we have confirmed the animal has been vaccinated. Residents are not allowed to keep pets in their rooms overnight or on a permanent basis unless it is a medically-needed, service animal. Residents with pets are also limited to residing only in private rooms. Please give a copy of vaccinations records to the staff.

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