Memory Care Gallery

Serving Lacey and beyond since 1998

Memory Care at The Lodges is dedicated to serving Lacey's citizens

~ suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, and other neurological conditions

From the beginning, our owner Craig LeVee had a unique vision for his Memory Care Lodges. Buildings that provided all the comforts and medical needs of larger institutions, but in smaller communities focused on the individual. The rustic look and setting of our Memory Care buildings hearkens back to Lacey's roots as a rural farm community and many residents and their families have chosen us because our Lodges just feel more like home!

  • Memory Care at The Lodges consists of 2 identical lodges, each containing no more than 32 residents
  • Every corridor in a Lodge leads back to a central community space
  • Rooms are spacious and each one has its’ own private bathroom
  • Both Private and Semi-Private rooms are available
  • The Lodge Layout encourages resident activities and minimizes confusion
  • Though independent, both Lodges share a fenced, communal backyard
  • Residents are free to walk the backyard, observing birds and wildlife in safety
  • The Lodges' backyard is a place of peace and quiet for our residents